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2015, September 22 Minutes (redirected from September 2015 Minutes)

Page history last edited by Be Astengo 8 years, 8 months ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes
Sept. 22, 2015
Santa Cruz Public Library

In attendance:  Be Astengo (MCFL), Jean Chapin (HML), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Valerie Murphy (SCPL), Aloha Sargent (CAB), Deborah Stephens (HCL), Jen Waterson (MIIS).

Recorder: Frank Gravier.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:02 p.m by Be.

Proxies: Frank for Sarah Dahlen (CSUMB), Jean for Betty Mason (SBCL), Deborah for Glenn Tozier (MPC), Be for Ann Jacobson (NPS).

Approval of Minutes: Approved.

Public Comments: None.

   Administrative Council - Nothing to report, no meeting. Next meeting scheduled for Oct. 9, 2015.

   Technology Committee - Purchase of Zoom meeting software is progressing. Planning for the committee's next workshop is underway. A tentative program on maintaining and managing a web presence and keeping it current is one possibility. Survey results regarding MOBAC Regional Catalog use has been gathered.

   ILL Committee - Nothing to report, no meeting. Next meeting scheduled for Oct. 13, 2015.

   SPLAMBA - Met Sept. 18th. Long time SPLAMBA member and Monterey Public Library children's librarian Karen Brown is retiring. Committee documents (storytelling tips and booklists) are being updated. The committee will meet next on Oct. 16th at the Marina Library Meeting Room for a celebration honoring Karen Brown. MOBAC Reference Committee members are invited to attend.

Old Business:
   Services survey page - Members were reminded of the committee's goal to have the services page updated by Sept. 30, 2015.

   Annual report - Previous suggestions and edits have been incorporated. The report was approved by the membership with minor corrections.

  MOBAC Reference Workshop update - The full committee reviewed planning for the workshop. The workshop committee (Jean, Sarah, Glenn and Heather) have done an excellent job of planning and organizing the event. Some outstanding tasks that remain include parking arrangements, video taping, and confirming that evaluation forms will be available. Aloha will post a notice at Cabrillo noting the date and location change.

New Business:
   October Reference Committee meeting - The October meeting is cancelled as it conflicts with the Internet Librarian conference.

   MOBAC Web and Wiki pages - Be raised a concern that having both a wiki and a web site makes document management for the committee confusing. The committee affirmed that the web page is the site of record for the committee's minutes, annual reports, etc. The wiki has served as a shared space for collaborative work and documents in progress or draft.  With the web site's recent upgrade this may be a good time to revisit the committee's needs in terms of collaboration and workflow as the current model seems cumbersome. A fuller discussion will be had at a future meeting.

Reference shares: Deborah asked for recommended disposal methods for weeded books. Provided the books are in decent condition suggestions ranged from donations to Better World Books or other service organizations, Friends of the Library book sales, free giveaways, etc.

Be attended the Califa vendor fair. While there was not much of note there it is striking to see the degree to which reference database providers continue to consolidate.

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