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2018, March 27 Minutes

Page history last edited by Cynthia Ainsworth 6 years, 2 months ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Draft Minutes

March 27, 2018 2:00 P.M.

Monterey Public Library 

625 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA 93940



Chair of Meeting: Stacy Mueller (via Zoom)


Call to Order: Cynthia Ainsworth



Ellie Anderson, MPL

Beata Obydzinski, MCFL

Sean Briscoe, SPL

Ann Jacobson, NPS

Alicia Martinez, WPL

Sarah Dahlen, CSUMB

Cynthia Ainsworth, HCL

Amy Chirman, SCPL


Recorder: Everyone!

Proxies:  None

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes:  January 23, 2018 (not done...will approve at meeting in May)

Public Comments: None



Amy Chirman filling in for David Addison and Alicia Martinez filling in for Watonka Addison


Old Business:


With a late start and time spent touring the CA History Room, we did not get to this agenda item:

     Fall Workshop: Beyond the Reference Desk: Microactivism in the Library (Presenter: Veronica Neal)

    • All institutions were asked to try to perform an equity walk before March 2018 meeting
    • Were you able to perform equity walk?
    • What were your equity walk results/summaries? Highlights? 



New business:


1) Planning for Fall 2018 Workshop: Local History Treasures / History project 


All in agreement to strengthen the MoCo local history directory. Each library will send appropriate keyword tags to help in searching (ctrl-F) document. SCPL and WPL will give links to their respective local history pages. Any changes to be sent to Jennifer Smith (SmithJA@co.monterey.ca.us).


We will spend time next meeting asking for volunteers to plan workshop. We can also finalize presentation style: most seem to be in agreement with a combination of show and tell and "training" of the updated local history directory. We will also need to finalize costs since budget requests are due to Admin Council in June. 


2) Tour of MPL California History Room: Kathy Nillson gave us a very informative and valuable tour of the room from 3:00-4:00. 




Due to time for tour of CA History room, no reports were given.




Reference Shares: None given


News from libraries (off the record): These were shared at the beginning of the meeting 


Next meeting: May 22 @ CSUMB (per Sarah Dahlen)



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