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2018, September 25 Minutes

Page history last edited by Kenny Garcia 5 years, 9 months ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2018 2PM

Salinas Public Libary - John Steinbeck Library


Call to Order: David Addison @ 2:15pm



  •         David Addison, SCPL
  •         Watonka Addison, Watsonville Public Library
  •         Cynthia Ainsworth, Hartnell
  •         Ellie Anderson, Monterey Public Library
  •         Stacy Mueller, Cabrillo (Zoom) 
  •         Beata Obydzinski, MCFL 
  •         Sean Briscoe, Salinas Public 
  •        Kenny Garcia, CSUMB
  •        Jean Chapin, HML
  •        Ann Jacobson, NPS 
  •        Elisabeth Thomas, MPC (Zoom)


Recorder: Kenny Garcia


Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes:  Approval of minutes from August 2018 meeting


Public Comments:  none


WelcomeLibraries that have not been participating in the MOBAC reference committee meetings can access updates through the mobacref Wiki space.


Old Business: 

1) Fall workshop

  • The Fall workshop: Local History Treasures/ History Project workshop is scheduled for Friday, October 26, 2018, 9:00am to 12:00pm at the Marina Branch of MCFL.
  • Main panelists: Archives specialist Jennifer Smith and local history librarian Deborah Lipoma. Do we have confirmation that these people have been contacted and have committed? Yes
  • Short presentation/show-and-tell portion: Representatives from each of our respective libraries to give a brief (5-10 minute) overview of unique library holdings. Representatives from each are also encouraged to bring items for a "show-and-tell" component which will be presented "science fair style". 

          -Ann has confirmed Irene Berry will attend and represent NPS Special Collections.  (Unfortunately, neither Ann nor Irene can be there, it turns out that this is Discover NPS Day and we are both key players for the library's role in that. - Ann)  

          -Confirm which libraries are planning to have representatives attend and present

  • Location: Beata is reserving the Meeting Room in Marina-- 
  • Online registration and survey-- 
  • Refreshments: Ellie
  • Setup/cleanup: Need volunteers 
    • Reimbursement
      • Reimbursements will be processed through PLP. It requires receipts and a note on the event
      • The budget for this event is $150
      • Shawn will pick up coffee
      • In the future, a budget request will need to be submitted within 6 months of an event
    • Flyer 
      • Frank needs to set up the registration link. The link will be added to the flyer
        • Cynthia will follow up with Frank
      • The names of the libraries will be spelled out
      • Should the MOBAC logo be included?
      • Should the link to the directory be included?
        • The link to the directory will be added to the registration form
      • Cynthia will try to get the flyer done by Sept. 27th 
    • Assessment/Survey
      • A whiteboard will be used on the day of for assessment
      • There will not be an online survey
      • We need to make sure to ask what participants want to do next
      • Questions:  What we liked, What would we change, What do you want to do next time
      • Cynthia will write the questions down on the whiteboard
    • Recording
      • Sarah Dahlen will bring MOBAC recording devices that are being stored at CSUMB. Sean will record the workshop
    • MCs
      • The co-chairs of the committee will MC the program
    • Agenda
      • David will work on a half-sheet agenda
      • It will include the MOBAC banner 
    • Logistics
      • Beata is making signs for each table with the logos of all of the participating libraries
    • Speaker confirmation
      • Beata will confirm with Jennifer
        • Jennifer will speak for 45 minutes
      • Should the main speakers receive a gift?
        • Main speakers will get a $10 gift card with a note
        • Ellie will include gift cards and note cards in food purchase
      • Dennis is confirmed and will speak for 30 minutes
      • Deborah is confirmed
      • Five minute presentations
        • Katie O'connell (Carmel Public)
        • Sean Briscoe (Salinas Public) 
        • Eva Nottage (Watsonville Public)
        • Robin Guthrie (CSUMB)
        • Cynthia Ainsworth (Hartnell)
        • Elisabeth Thomas (MPC)
        • Stacy Mueller (Cabrillo)
          • David will follow up with the other libraries
          • 35 minute allotted time should be enough
          • Presentations will be done in alphabetical order
    • Meet & Greet 
      • Watonda will be at the registration table
    • Set-up & Clean-up 
      • Everyone will chip in
      • Set-up time is 7:30am
      • Beata will get the key to open the door to the library by 7:30am
    • Outreach
      • David will send email out to the other MOBAC committees once the flyer is finalized
      • Everyone will send it out to within their own libraries
      • Jean will send email to all of the MOBAC listservs 



New business:

1) Complete fall workshop details




Administrative Council:

David attended the meeting and reported. Many of the MOBAC directors were present. The PLP director was also present. The committee chairs were welcomed. Each library gave an update. David gave a report on behalf of the committee. San Juan Bautista Public Library and DLI Library are dropping out of MOBAC. Community colleges are creating a local consortium to share an ILS. Some of the public libraries are also looking into sharing an ILS.


Tech Committee:

No report


ILL Committee:

No report


SPLAMBA: Ellie reported. The SPLAMBA chair is stepping down and the committee is looking for a new chair. A workshop is being planned and will be held in March in Carmel.


Reference Shares:


Harrison Memorial Public Library started a subscription to Lynda.com


Do any libraries use Zip Books through Califa?

  • MCFL uses it, but it is not listed on their website
  • Monterey Public uses it as an alternative to ILL and does not charge patrons
  • Salinas Public charges patrons through their library account 


Monterey Public is subscribed to Hoopla. Libraries can set a cap on usage per patron


News from libraries (off the record)


Meeting adjourned @ 4:30pm


Next meetingJanuary 22, 2019 @ Watsonville Public Library


Following meetings:

October 26, 2018 Fall Workshop @ Marina Branch of MCFL

January 22, 2019 @ Watsonville Public Library

March 26, 2019 @ Monterey Public Library

May 28, 2019 @ CSUMB Library


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