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2019, January 22 Minutes

Page history last edited by Cynthia Ainsworth 5 years, 6 months ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2019 2:00 P.M.

Watsonville Public Library

275 Main St. Watsonville 95076



Call to Order: David Addison @ 2:18 

Present:  David Addison, Stacy Mueller, Cynthia Ainsworth, Watonka Addison, Beata Obydzinski, Ellie Anderson, Sean Briscoe, Kenny Garcia

Recorder: Cynthia Ainsworth


Proxies:  none

Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes:  September 25th, 2018 were approved


Public Comments:  none


Old Business: Fall Workshop wrap up: Local History Treasures

  • Survey Results


     There was good feed back on the individual presenters during the first half. Everyone felt the event went well: great teamwork by all and everyone was engaged      with the speakers and displays. Set up was easy.  The assessment method was discussed (white board where folks made comments). All the comments made      were positive; no alternate suggestions or any suggestions for upcoming workshops. Group discussed other ways of assessing success. 


  • Feedback on overall workshop success 

     The task now is how to incorporate information into every day work. Beata shared how she was able to use information with a local history question at Seaside      branch. There was discussion on the importance of having all libraries represented in the listing of historical resources: these could live on  the MOBAC website      in addition to the Monterey Co. document. Discussion returned to the equity walk which we had tasked ourselves to do after the workshop Fall 2017. Watonka      reported out the difficulties in completing with her staff: participation was optional so out of the 50 requests only 2 were returned and those 2 were more critical      of the tool.  Kenny reported that CSUMB had 15 folks on the strategic plan and created walks with different perspectives (1st gen, non-trad, DSPS) and it was      very successful. Beata reported that Seaside library had bathrooms updated to address accessibility issues but now working on signage to prevent homeless      from bringing animals into the library.  


New business:

     1. Announcements on library activities of public interest

Ellie @ MPL: 1) Harwood Community Conversations; 1st round has been completed with teens. MPL will be meeting with rep from state library and folks who have completed training and share notes on how things are going. Suggestion was made that we form a Harwood MOBAC REF committee?? 2)  basic training in ref services is being given to all library staff. 3)  Victory Henry, long time librarian, will be retiring. Recognition will be Thursday Jan 31 from 4-6 at MPL.


Beata @ MCFL: 1) Jayanti Addleman has moved to Hayward to take a job. She was Co. Librarian for 9 years. Interim librarian Martin Gomez has started. HR opened job posting to close on Feb. 1st (a 2 week window for recruitment).  An outside recruiting firm will be searching for the new director. 2) Openings for Librarian II: one for Marina branch manager and one for youth services/outreach/grants. 3) Wireless printing is now being offered. 4) Chat option "Vet Now" for vets to learn of resources (a Brainfuse platform). A MCFL library card is needed. 5) Online archives of NYTimes now available (1860-present). 6) Strategic planning underway with meetings for community conversations being advertised 7) Barbara Seibeneick Meet the author on Saturday January 26 @ 2pm. 8) Children's programming moved from crafts on Wednesday (with tying up staff for limited participation) to Saturdays. Read to dog has been a great program. 


Sean @ SPL: 1) Their director has also moved. Christina Lundquist, Parks and Rec, will be interim director. 


David @ SCPL: 1) Broke ground on new construction for Felton and Capitola. Downtown building has hit a snag. 3 new city council members may turn down project. In the meantime, library project has $23 million for a new building. If that were spent on infrastructure improvements on old building, there would be nothing left for new furniture. 


Watonka @ WPL: 1) Immigrant Community Experience project completed through the Library Innovation lab. 4 murals commissioned by local artist Jaime Sanchez are now hanging in the library. The library hosted programs and community painting days in support of the event.


Kenny @ CSUMB: 1) Campus provost is leaving....helped in the process of hiring a new librarian (reference/instruction). Not sure how a new provost will affect growth in library. 2) New librarian (temp position) will work on digitizing the Sam Farr Collection. 




     2. Brainstorming for Fall 2019 Workshop

          Be aware of what is happening in services to libraries. HOMEWORK: Check out the ALA annual workshops and their page on the future of libraries. Ellie will           share links to Harwood re: possibility of workshop on making community connections. Suggestion made about training on non-reference staff to do basic           reference services. What are reference standards.  

     3. Committee goals for 2019

     Group is still in favor of the number of meetings we have scheduled. May return to facilitated discussion but with fewer meetings, discussion around workshop      topics may suffice.




Administrative Council


Tech Committee


ILL Committee



Ellie reported that summer reading planning is underway. Also, Friday March 15 9:30-12:30 Student Success Initiative re: library cards for school children will be at the Aptos Branch. Also, SCPL will be hosting a digital copy of the brochure "Mirrors and Windows" on their website.

Reference Shares:


News from libraries (off the record)


Next meeting— (Tuesday, March 26, 2019 2pm at Monterey Public Library: Stacy Mueller-Chair)


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