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2019, May 28 Minutes

Page history last edited by Kenny Garcia 4 years, 11 months ago


MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Agenda

May 28, 2019 2PM

CSUMB Library, Rm. 3145 (third floor conference room)


To participate via Zoom




Parking Information: 

Parking costs $1 per hour or $4 for the whole day. Whole day passes may be purchased in advance via the website, but hourly passes must be purchased from the yellow dispensers in the parking lots. They accept coins, bills, Visa, and MasterCard. 


Here is the parking map. The closest parking lots are lot 72 and lot 13. If you park in lot 72, the entrance is on Inter-Garrison and you can walk up 5th Avenue to get to the library. If you park in lot 13, the entrance is on 6th Avenue and you can walk towards the traffic circle. The library building is across from the traffic circle. The library is building 508 on the map.


Message from Kenny: "We can also cover the parking fee if folks confirm attendance by Wednesday, May 22nd. They can send me an email requesting a pass and someone in the library will email back a parking pass that folks would have to print out and place on their car's dashboard"


If folks have questions or get lost on campus, they can call my office number (831-582-3534) or cell phone number (646-326-3125).

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Refreshments:  Please bring a snack to share


Chair of Meeting: David Addison

Call to Order: 


Present:  Cynthia Ainsworth (Hartnell College), Watonka Addison (Watsonville Public Library), David Addison (Santa Cruz Public Library), Kenny Garcia (CSUMB), Erin Baxter (San Benito County Library), Beata Obydzinski (Monterey County Free Libraries)


Recorder: Kenny Garcia


Proxies:  None


Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes:  March 26, 2019

  • ·      


Public Comments: None 


Old Business:

  1. Committee goals
    1. Fall workshop
    2. In the past, a brochure or reading list was created annually in the spring
    3. Space for interactive, healthy discussions on relevant reference topics
    4. Will continue to have discussions and will add goals as they come up
  2. Reference service model wrap up; 
    1. Monterey County Free Libraries
      1. Old model: Reference desk and circulation desk in close proximity. New model: Combined reference desk with circulation desk
        1. Patrons were confused about the different services for each desk
      2. No space to have reference materials at the reference desk space
      3. No private space to have confidential reference interactions that involves sensitive information
        1. There’s an expectation for librarians to provide reference services as well as circulation services
        2. The face-to-face component of patron services needs to be prioritized 
        3. It’s important to have a dedicated reference phone line, preferably serviced by live librarians


New business:

  1. Making a final decision on our Fall Workshop
    1. Harwood Model 
      1. Some folks on the committee have already been trained
    2. Social Issues in Libraries
      1. How do we do self-care when stretching to meet social needs not currently being met by the larger community?
      2. What would be the appropriate role for librarians?
      3. Should we invite a representative from United Way?
      4. InfoPeople has a great online class
      5. Should we invite social workers that work at Salinas Public Library & Santa Cruz Public Library?
    3. Book Club could also be a workshop in the future
      1. Book Browse – based in Saratoga, available for presentations
      2. Possible forum on local book clubs (Salinas Public Library, MCFL)
    4. The previous MOBAC Reference Committee workshop on Health and Wellness can be found on the MOBAC website
    5. There’s a weekly email posting related to homelessness in libraries
    6. Beata will send email posting to MOBAC reference committee listserv
  2. Initial planning for Fall Workshop
    1. Dependent on facilitator costs
      1. David will email Sean about social worker speaker
      2. David will email Ellie about Harwood speaker
    2. Research InfoPeople course
    3. List of resources available for all of the libraries in the county
    4. Will vote on final decision via email by the end of June
  3. Choosing a new incoming co-chair for 19/20 FY 
    1. David will remain as co-chair, Stacy will be stepping down
    2. David will check in with other members via email to see if someone is interested in volunteering
  4. Sign up for 2019/2020 meeting times and places: 

August 27

  • o   Hartnell College

September 24

  • o   Monterey Public Library?

October 18 (Fall Workshop?)

  • o   Marina Public Library
  • o   8am-12pm
  • o   Alternative Date: October 25th
  • o   Beata will check on space availability at Marina Public Library

January 28

  • o   Watsonville Public Library

March 24

  • o   Salinas Public Library

May 26

  • o   CSUMB

June 23

  • o   Social gathering




Administrative Council

  • o   David will attend the June meeting, will report back in August


Tech Committee

  • o  


ILL Committee

  • o   No report



  • o   No report


Reference Shares:



  • ·       Will be weeding reference collection
  • ·       New librarian starting in August
  • ·       Will be migrating guides to LibGuides over the summer



  • ·       Accreditation review
    • o   zero sanctions, one recommendation for the library
    • ·       Need to provide better library services to satellite campus sites in Alisal, Soledad, and Castroville
    • ·       Community colleges are migrating to Alma/Primo



  • ·       Recruitment for new director is taking place
    • o   Final decision may take place in June
    • ·       Opening for librarian position at Buena Vista branch
    • ·       Hired two librarians from local libraries
    • ·       Received grant for new book mobile
    • ·       Free lunch for kids over the summer in Seaside branch
    • ·       New website will be launched soon
    • ·       Book Club to Go program – partnership between Salinas Public Library & MCFL
    • ·       New staff and public computers are being installed across the system
    • ·       Was able to spend more money for books, including reference materials
    • ·       Staff day – Mental Health training
    • ·       Hospice Giving Foundation program – planning for end of life care
      • o   Used Eventbrite registration process



  • ·       Announced two open positions, Children’s Librarian and Outreach Librarian
  • ·       Using LibraryLink to coordinate volunteers
  • ·       Library is partnering with local organizations on summer reading programs
  • ·       There will also be an aviation program, music program, and film series



  • ·       Wrap up of service model discussions
  • ·       Incorporated LibAnswers into reference services
  • ·       Assistant library director position is open


News from libraries (off the record)


Next meeting— (June 25th, Social gathering)


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