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Agenda 2020-5-26

Page history last edited by David Addison 4 years ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Agenda

May 26, 2020 2PM




To participate via Zoom








Refreshments:  We can share our virtual snacks, show and tell style!


Chair of Meeting: David Addison


Call to Order: 





Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes:  January 28 2020 March 24, 2020

Public Comments:  


Old Business:

  1.  Committee goals
  2. Fall Workshop
  3. Scholarly article to share and discuss


New business:

  1. Covid-19 and library openings
  2. Mobac Ref Committee goals during pandemic/stay at home orders
  3. Choosing a new incoming co-chair for 20/21 FY
  4. Sign up for 2020/2021 meeting times and places:           August 25

           (we may not be able to meet in person of course)         September 22

                                                                                            October(Fall Workshop) 23 (may not happen?) or via Zoom?

                                                                                            January 26

                                                                                            March 23

                                                                                            May 25

                                                                                            June 22





Administrative Council


Tech Committee


ILL Committee




Reference Shares:


News from libraries (off the record)


Next meeting— (June 23rd, Social gathering via Zoom? Virtual lunch?


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