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2014, June 24 Minutes (redirected from June 24, 2014)

Page history last edited by Sarah Dahlen 9 years, 9 months ago

MOBAC Reference Committee Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2014, 2 pm

MIIS Library



Jennifer Cockerill, SCPL

Julie Richardson, SCPL

Sarah Dahlen, CSUMB

Kris Amaral, Salinas PL

Jen Waterson, MIIS

Mary Elturk, PGPL


Call to Order


Recorder: Sarah Dahlen


Approval of Agenda


Minutes approved: motion by Kris, second by Sarah


Public Comments: none



Admin Council

  • New MOBAC rep to PLP: Jayanti Addleman, MCFL
    • Librarian from San Bruno is new chair (of PLP?)
  • CALIFA: going strong
  • Strategic planning committee
    • Strategic planning in progress
  • Literacy campaign in Monterey County looking to MOBAC as sponsor
    • Would need to extend to Santa Cruz and San Benito counties
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium no longer has library; no longer part of MOBAC
  • MOBAC member recruitment: MBARI in Moss Landing
  • Passed OCLC subscription contract for 2014-15
  • Eleanor Uhlinger from NPS will be incoming chair of admin council; Steven Silveria from PG is vice chair
  • Reconfirmed MOBAC Committees
    • Added literacy committee: Cathy Andrews at MCFL is heading 
  • Website needs to be updated: Georg will take this on
  • Jayanti will talk to PLP about MOBAC workshops

Tech Committee

  • No rep attended

ILL Committee

  • Hasn't met


  • No rep attended


Old Business

  • Reference Committee workshops for PLP:
    • Mary is in contact with Terry Jackson about workshops
      • Sent Hidden Treasures and Social Media Social 
    • Admin council is encouraging us to take advantage of this opportunity 
    • Don't need to redo ones that are video recorded
    • From now on, schedule workshops for second time through PLP
      • Single advertisement for both times (Monterey Co. and Bay Area)
      • Presenters would have to commit to two iterations; might work better for outside paid presenters
    • Possible topics: Dealing with difficult patrons, redefining reference 
  • Update services survey pages
    • Mary passed out additional pages to library reps for updating; still has pages for Monterey PL and San Benito
    • Georg may be able to link responses so they don't have to be changed on two separate pages
  • Output measures/Outcome measures/Tech questions in state statistics
    • PG includes Computer assistance with Informational/Directional questions 
    • SCPL uses Counting Opinions
    • Harrison Memorial tracks "tech help"
    • Jen shared stat collection from CSU Stanislaus and that MIIS reports under Vermont standards
    • Sarah noted old CSU tiered system: Level 1: directional, Level 2: tech, Level 3: quick ref, Level 4: in depth reference  
    • Conversation tabled until next meeting when there are more members present 
  • Core competencies for reference staff
    • Tabled for later meeting; Be was going to bring info
    • Possible topic for upcoming workshop


New Business

  • Purview of MOBAC webpage maintenance
    • Georg will talk about this in August


Reference shares

    • Jen from MIIS: Middlebury and other partner are developing online language instruction program with contextualized learning/teaching. Uses clues from context of experience to acquire info; video tutorials and virtual worlds; body language and surroundings; look for cognates; interaction with others; using language for a purpose. 
    • Mary from PG: Summer reading programs are in the middle of the library; hard to do over-the-phone reference with background noise


News from libraries

  • not recorded 


Future agenda items

  • October workshop 


Next meeting: August 26, 2014 in Watsonville 

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