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Committee Chair Tasks

Page history last edited by Ann Jacobson 5 years, 11 months ago

Monthly meetings:


  • Before the meeting:
    • Create agenda in wiki
    • Link agenda to mobac.org calendar (or ask Wendy Cao from PLP to do it:  caow@plsinfo.org)
    • Send agenda to committee members no later than Thursday before meeting
      • Compliance with Brown Act: Ask host of meeting to post agenda in their library at least 3 days before meeting
      • Create Zoom meeting and include link in email with agenda (past chair will provide URL and login)
  •  During the meeting:
    • Bring printed copies of agenda and minutes from previous meeting
    • Facilitate meeting, solicit recorder to take notes
  •  After the meeting
    • Once minutes from previous meeting have been updated by recorder:


Annual report:

  • Due to MOBAC Admin by August 30. The Chair of the year just completed takes the lead on drafting the report, with input from the incoming/new Chair. 


New members:

  • Send new member welcome documents (http://www.mobac.org/committees/reference-committee/ref-committee-documents/)
  • Send login information for MOBAC website and Reference Committee wiki (past chair will review with you)


Admin Council meetings:

  • Admin Council meets every quarter and all committee chairs are asked to attend.  If you are unable to attend, send a committee report in advance of the meeting or assign another committee member to attend as your proxy. 


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